Graham garage 

Endorsement from Graham McCabe, the owner of Automative Bodyshop in Grangemouth.

Many people will know Graham as having been a very active Yes supporter from Grangemouth - not least of all because of his ability to hang banners that get maximum attention!

I was delighted to meet him at his garage yesterday and talk about some of the issues he is starting to experience with the supply and costs of paint for car bodywork. He noted how costs have already increased from his European suppliers and he anticipates further rises after Brexit. Replicate this across the industry and it provides a small example of how we will all have to ultimately pay more for the priviledge of being dragged out of Europe against our will. 

"I'm backing Michelle Thomson as candidate for Falkirk East. She's got energy and drive - something we need to put this consituency on the map. When #indyref2 happens I'm confident she'll provide strong leadership to the local campaign". 

Also in the picture is Ross mcCabe. Thank you Graham!




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