Stronger for Scotland

10 sleeps till voting opens - 10 reasons to vote for me, Michelle Thomson #1

  1. You want INDEPENDENCE- I want independence - it’s my #1 priority 
  2. My COMMITMENT to our cause cannot be questioned. I have been through more than most and stood firm where others would have given up
  3. I already have political experience as a Westminster MP
  4. I have extensive media experience 
  5. I have huge business experience - that means I can get access to and represent your needs with big business such as Inneos 
  6. I have primary research experience in strategic NATIONAL projects. I know what we need to do to transition 
  7. I understand where you are coming from - why was it that I am the 1st person to note that your places are NOT Falkirk and only some are east of Falkirk!
  8. I am a wee grafter - and I will graft for you 
  9. THIS IS A PASSION - this is not a career promotion 
  10. You are worth it - all the areas that have felt left behind, the members that have felt ignored, the people who need help - root for me and I promise I will root for you. 


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